Who We Are?

Henan XinlianXin Chemicals Group Company Limited

Committed to becoming China's most respected chemical enterprise group

Xinlianxin currently has three production bases in Henan Xinxiang, Xinjiang Manas and Jiangxi Jiujiang. It has 2.3 million tons of urea, 2.35 million tons of compound fertilizer, 600,000 tons of methanol and 60,000 tons of melamine. With an annual production capacity of 50,000 tons of sterol, it has two coal mines and one special railway line. Xinlianxin has always adhered to the leading technology development strategy. At present, it has the research platform of "China Nitrogen Fertilizer (Heart-to-Heart) Technology Research Center", "Postdoctoral Research Station", "Water and Fertilizer Integration Research Center" and "National Laboratory".

Why choose us?

Build a green circular economy industrial demonstration park.

core technology - quality products - environmental protection and energy saving - system engineering - advanced equipment

Solid products and quality service

Have a national technology research and development platform.

what can we do?

Chinese high-efficiency fertilizer advocate

Maximize resource value through chemical manufacturing processes
Create a wide range of materials and products, from a wide range of applications, from small to daily necessities to aircraft rockets
A multi-functional and efficient service model with a professional and systematic agrochemical service center. The company has more than 5,000 agrochemical service stations.
The main product fertilizer has more than 100 domestic invention patents.

Company History

Into a joint stock limited company



Xinjiang melamine project put into operation; Company dimethyl ether project production

The first phase of jiujiang compound fertilizer was put into production, with a total capacity of 2.15 million tons.



Xinjiang melamine project put into operation; The compound fertilizer expansion project with an annual output of 600,000 tons is put into operation, and the total output of compound fertilizer reaches 1.85 million tons.

Production of company furfuryl alcohol project; Acquisition of 100% stake in xinjiang tianxin coal mine



The company applied for delisting from the main board of the Singapore exchange.

The fourth plant with an annual capacity of 800,000 tons of urea was completed and put into operation, and the total capacity of urea increased to 2.1 million tons.



High-tech enterprise certificate; Construction of the xinjiang fifth plant began

Acquire 100% equity of xinjiang tianli coal mine; The heart to heart special railway line was completed and put into operation



The company's second and third plant technical transformation, urea total capacity expanded to 1.3 million tons

The company successfully listed in Hong Kong and became the only fertilizer company listed in Singapore and Hong Kong.



The company was listed on the main board of Singapore exchange, becoming the first Chinese fertilizer company listed in Singapore.

Henan xinlianxin chemical co., ltd. reorganized and established a wholly foreign-owned enterprise "henan xinlianxin chemical fertilizer co., LTD."



Xinxiang chemical fertilizer general plant was restructured into a joint-stock private enterprise "henan xinlianxin chemical co., LTD."

"Double high and one excellent" included in the national plan



Urea "four to six" project smoothly put into operation, annual urea 100,000 tons.

The "urine reform" project was successfully started once, with an annual output of 60,000 tons of urea.



Ammonium bicarbonate to urea production project began construction

Xinxiang chemical fertilizer plant 800 series transformation completed



Xinxiang fertilizer plant was completed and put into operation, with an annual output of 3,000 tons of synthetic ammonia.

Xinxiang chemical fertilizer general plant is under construction